Photo by  Susanne Ashby Photography

Photo by Susanne Ashby Photography

Hi!  That is me with my family, I am the photographer behind the lens!  Just a couple things that I thought may help you get to know me better...

1.  I believe in fairy tales, happily ever afters & dreams come true!
2. I like dinner for breakfast.
3. If given the choice between chocolate or potato chips, I would chose potatoes chips EVERY time!!
4. Some might think I have a foot fetish...I DON’T...I just think my feet are cute!!
5. When I was a little girl I wanted 6 kids!  Now...3 is just right!
6. I drink 1 cup of coffee each morning.  No more, no less.  I have never had a second cup of coffee taste as good as the first!
7. I LUV Best Foods mayonnaise.  It makes everything taste better.
8. Eating is my favorite hobby, I even love it more than sleeping.
9. I cannot whistle. :(
10.  I dream every night...always in color.
11.  My husband teaches me EVERYDAY how to example!

I have been into photography since 2006!  It started with a love of scrapbooking.  I found my creative outlet in creating 12x12 layouts of special events in my childrens lives.  I had no idea that scrapbooking would one day lead me to photography but I am so glad it did.  My kids continue to be my favorite subject!  I am drawn to a childs absence of judgement and free spirit.  They are so raw and organic in front of the camera.  They aren’t afraid of what the pictures are going to look like, they are EXCELLENT at just being themselves!  

If you are a photographer and have questions, please don’t be afraid to ask.  So many people have helped me get this far.  I couldn’t have done it alone.  It is only by the willingness of others to share that I know what I know.  I love to give out what I have been given.  Please accept this invitation to talk with me, I would love to hear from you!


what’s in my bag?

Nikon D700
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.4
105mm 2.8